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Our construction teams work under the supervision of our civil engineers and architects who are particularly experienced in industrial buildings; they operate in a disciplined and organized manner to complete the contracted works in accordance to the standards and projects using the state-of-the-art construction techniques, within the time specified in the schedule.
All construction materials, equipment and labor force optimal to the scale of the project is delivered to the construction site to ensure that the operations are carried out without delay.
Our construction site layouts are planned to provide worker’s health and safety and the living and working conditions of our employees are guaranteed.
We check the environmental context and take necessary precautions, thus, pay maximum attention to prevent the environmental plan being adversely affected from our work.
We handle architectural and static projects free of charge in the construction works undertaken by us. In this way, we provide substantial savings on the construction investment costs.


Our company successfully provides the following services for a long time:
-Surveying the previously constructed buildings (residential buildings, recreational facilities, industrial buildings) for their compliance to the Updated current regulation on construction (Regulation for Buildings in Seismic Areas) via assessment of their projects;
– Ensuring that the testing of load bearing systems of the constructions are carried out by authorized institutions;
– For disqualified load bearing systems, preparing the retrofitting projects and carrying out retrofitting construction manufacturing as per these projects.


We provide tailored solutions for refurbishment our customers’dated buildings and/or off-concept buildings byredesigning them according to the modem construction techniques.
Designed and approved projects are manufactured and at every stage of the manufacturing, meticulous supervision is provided to ensure its full compliance to the design.


Our company provides the interior architectural design of administration buildings and recreational facilities, the prestige buildings of the industrial constructions, in accordance with the investor company’s concept.
During the preparation of the designs, our company assesses all domestic and foreign alternatives for each constituent material of the design and submits the proper options for customers’ selection.
Our company ensures and supervises that the selected materials are manufactured according to the design. It ensures the meticulous assembly of the manufactured materials.

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